What is a “joyful discovery”? Very simply, it’s what happens when you come across something you didn’t know existed before, that puts a smile on your face. It delights you that our world contains that thing, and that you found it — whatever “it” may be. It could be a good book, a special place, an odd but entertaining skill, or an actual scientific discovery with the potential to make the world a better place; the possibilities are nearly endless. This website functions as the travel and discovery log of one happy explorer, hoping to share her joyful discoveries — and that others will share theirs with her.

Terri Wells is a professional writer and editor, an inspired crafter who sometimes rises to the level of fiber artist, and a bit of a nerd. She has written on a diverse range of high-technology topics, and is using this website to have a little fun…and give her an excuse to indulge her curiosity. Read along and indulge yours!


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